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First aid / accident

Emergency Phone Numbers

Fire Department, Ambulance 0-112
Police 0-110
Control Room (24 hours per day) 0231-755-3333
Central Security Service North Campus 0231-755-2212
Central Security Service South Campus 0231-755-2211
Poisoning - Information 0-0228/19240
Rectorate 0231-755-7550
Chancellor 0231-755-7560
Legal Adviser`s Department 0231-755-4890
Dept. of Construction and Facility Management 0231-755-3305
Fire prevention Officer 0231-755-3307
Office of occupational, environmental and health protection 0231-755-3306
Student Services: psychological crises 0231-755-7363 and -7364
Employees Services: psychological crises 0231-755-7364 and on Tuesdays company doctor: 0231-755-5555

Statutory accident insurance: Unfallkasse NRW

Please report to the office of occupational, environmental and health protection (Referat 7, phone: 0231-755-3306).